Coco Fall Front Smile #1 Fixed.jpg

I was born to create. Crayons were my first colorful magic wands and scribbles of all kinds of characters came flowing out of my imagination. Breyer horses, brilliant haired trolls, and the creek of curious things behind my childhood home sought me out next. 

Adolescence brought frizzy hair and an obsession with horseback riding to free me from the awkwardness of being an introvert. A parade of pets have shared my world over the years sparking continuous tales to be told forever through my artwork. My dog Addie, of almost 16 years, passed away on May 23rd but will always be close in my heart as my creative muse and assistant. I look forward to getting a new rescue pup when the time is right.

I live in a tall narrow house filled with too many staircases going up and down like a piece of Escher’s artwork. There is a mesmerizing lake below our home that changes colors, patterns, and has bald eagles flying around. I never knew sunrise could take your breath away everyday or that I could see so many seaplanes in one place. The view is something I will never take for granted. 

I love making art of some kind each day. My designs use bright colors, animal characters, and striking patterns. Inspire your imagination and add a smile to your day by peeking at my pages.