February 13, 2019

The Bird of Color Knew She Would Fly Again. The Smiling Faces Shared the Secret.

This piece began when I needed to use up a light yellow on my palette. The swish of color looked like a bird so I added more colors and details. The collage pillars and happy faces were the finishing touch. Acryla gouache, black ink, and collage were used for the materials.

February 6, 2019

Nora loved her bee hat and always felt like anything could happen when she wore it.

Acryla gouache, black ink, and collage were used for the materials.

This began with a black ink face that I wanted to keep in my sketchbook. The bee hat was sitting by itself on my table and needed a home so I tried it on her. The red orange collage paper combined with the blue dots made the whole image come together.

January 27, 2019

The Princess Cat enjoyed the quiet in the Blue Garden.

This is another collage piece created from the museum postcards. After making Cleo, I needed to give her a friend so The Princess Cat arrived in my sketchbook. The scarves are my favorite part of both these characters.

January 26, 2019

Cleo loved those breezy days when her favorite scarf caught the wind.

I collected a few postcards from an art museum exhibit I went to and decided they would be perfect collage materials. I cut them into different shapes and then changed some to fit this character as she developed on my sketchbook page.